Italian Welfare League Mission and History

IWLThe Italian Welfare League rose from the “Italian Committee” of the Red Cross in 1919, following the struggle of WWI. In 1920 the Italian Welfare League was founded as an independent organization, dedicated to the health and prosperity of New York Italian immigrants. Founders of the League include banker Lionello Perera, his wife Carolyn Perera, and Marguerite del Vecchi.

The Italian Welfare League is defined by the determined women who led the its service, and who strived to maintain the cultural value and influence of Italian immigrants. The league’s efforts extended throughout New York City, offering aid to the poor, the ill, and the overlooked. iwlLogo_2501

Today, the Italian Welfare League’s mission is primarily committed to helping Italian immigrants find employment and to caring for Italian children who are ill or under unfortunate circumstances. These children, “I Nostri Bambini”, are offered support and aid by the league’s members and supporters.Throughout it’s history the Italian Welfare League has fought for the wellbeing of Italian immigrants with a compassionate ear and kind shoulder.

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