RCA President’s Letter of Thanks to Carolyn Perrera for Organization of 1938 Benefit Concert


CMS 003, Box 46

This is a thank you letter to Carolyn Perrera from Radio Corporation of America’s President, David Sarnoff. Mr. Sarnoff was thanking Mrs. Perrera for the fun evening at the Perrera household.  This was also a letter of congratulations on her successes on her part of organizing the Benefit Concert. From the letter, it expresses its success from the Maestro, from Perrera’s team and that the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) were pleased with the results.  

From this letter, David Sarnoff writes:

“Dear Mrs. Perera:

Thank you very much for your lovely letter of the seventh. The whole affair was grand from start to finish and I am delighted that you and your associates are so pleased. You did your part of the job admirably, and everyone at the National Broadcasting Company is pleased.

After all is said and done, however, the glory of the occasion is, as you know, Maestro Toscanini. His genius, his personality and his magnificent performance thrilled those present and the countless millions who listened through the air.

Not the least of my pleasures in connection with this event is the opportunity which Mrs. Sarnoff and I had to meet you, Mr. Perera and your delightful family. The evening at your home was charming and in tune with the spirit of the occasion. I have never seen so many happy people at a late party as were present in your hospitable home.

My heartfelt congratulations and warmest greetings.

Sincerely yours,

David Sarnoff”
The star of the Benefit Concert, however, must always be Toscanini for his contribution and talents draw attention and interest. His reputation as a brilliant conductor result in tickets being bought, leading success for the Italian Welfare League.


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