Letter from Walter Toscanini to the IWL, Enclosing Materials Related to Arturo Toscanini


January 29, 1960

CMS 003, Box 46

This is a handwritten letter that dates the 29th of January 1960. Written by Walter Toscanini and addressed to Miss Linda Carlozzi, chairperson from the Italian Welfare League’s Board of Directors. The note refers to that the letters attachments. This letter encloses photos of Arturo Toscanini for the Italian Welfare League for future uses.

“Dear Miss Carlozzi- Herewith enclosed are some pictures of my father which you may keep for future uses- Chose the one you want to give to the winner and please give her the 3 recordings which I am sending you. With my best thanks and wishes, Walter Toscanini”

Even at this time, Toscanini’s legacy was important for the Italian Welfare League. Having photos of him as well as recordings indicates that the League wanted to hold onto a piece of this man’s history as well as promoting his accomplishments and contribution to others.


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