Draft of Carolyn Perrera’s Thanks to Arturo Toscanini for February 6, 1938 Concert

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This is a thank you letter from Carolyn Perrera to Arturo Toscanini in regards of the February 6, 1938 Benefit Concert. This is a well-praised letter on the conductor’s performance, talent and character that is recognized by the Italian Welfare League. It’s an expression of appreciation for his contribution that has brought the Benefit Concert so much success and he is the one to thank. This is a draft letter most likely rewritten before being sent off directly to Toscanini.

The letter states in full:

“Dear Maestro:

The official receipt for the check handed as last night for the Italian Welfare League Benefit Concert on February sixth, will be sent to Mr. Sarnoff from the League headquarters, but to you, dear friend, I tender my undying gratitude for your generosity. When you gave your services so wholeheartedly, to our cause, it is as if a part of your being was offered to the work, for it is your life[‘]s blood and fire, [which] is expended on the music! On that memorable night, somehow I felt a new fire was kindled and that your art, always so great was for the moment, supreme. I know of no time in my memory, when an audience was so stirred and as for me, it remains as the happiest day in my life and the proudest.

So when all the world is upside down, there remains one man, a superman, whose consistency and integrity, remain as the star in the firmament, a light that we pray, may illuminate the world.


Carolyn Perrera”


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